• Hungry?


    Then let NATIVSOL feed your soul with pan-

    African inspired meals to heal and restore

    heritage foods into your life.


    NATIVSOL brings passion and talent to equip

    you to cook, shop and eat your roots as medicine.


  • Join the food freedom trail with NATIVSOL.

    Your culinary conductor is waiting...meet Tambra Raye.


    Feasting with Friends & Fellows.​

    Hosting an event? Then let us heal your next meal at your home, retreat or a special gathering.  We offer a signature menu to select to fit any dietary issues from gluten-free, vegan, dairy-free to soy-free. You name it! We got it!


    Serving the Community.​

    From our private and public cooking classes, pop up kitchens, culinary demonstrations, and food healing workshops, we cater to any need. We offer signature programs like Food for the Soul and Taste of African Heritage & Health to organizations and your group of friends.


    Making health & culture a lifestyle.

    Let us style your meal, kitchen and dining room. Our culture is our medicine and a form of creative expression. So let's start living in that abundance and loving who we are...mind, body and soul.

    Nutrition Educator.

    Cultural Storyteller.

    Culinary Curator.

  • What's Love Got to Do With It?

    Everything when we are healing your meal.


    I'm Tambra Raye,

    Chief Meal Healer & Food Hunter of NATIVSOL.


    Eating is not a destination to fullness.

    It's a journey to wholeness like home.


    At some point we all must #comebackhome.

    Before we do learn, grow and love the journey. That's the essence of NATIVSOL.


    We are happy to support so many of you over the years from local to global. We look forward to continuing the journey back home to love, peace and healing one meal at a time.

    Meals That Heal.

    Labor of Love for a Renewed Life.

    That's the mission of NATIVSOL.

    Born out of love to heal, NATIVSOL (pronounced "native soul") shares the food and wisdom of our ancestors to renew our lives and the community.


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